Investing with credit cards  Profiting From Credit Cards

 The strategy of Profiting From Credit Cards (PFCC) was first introduced under the name "App-O-Rama" in the June 23rd, 2007 issue of The Wall Street Journal here. It is a strategy of completing multiple applications at the same time. The goal is to get as many bonus offers and new credit lines as one desires, in a quick and convenient way. Extensive research has revealed some of the best credit cards available from major banks. Earn hundreds of dollars in signup bonuses, free hotel nights, enough frequent flier miles for free flights, and 0% credit card offers that extend out 24 months can be had. But the biggest deal is still how it can be translated into a tool for real estate investors.

Getting Started Profiting From Credit Cards - How to begin applying for credit cards to utilize in your real estate investing business.

Credit Card How-To - Strategies for using the PFCC system for real estate investing.

Suggested Credit Cards - Links to the best credit cards to short-term finance your real estate deals, as well as get cash back, free hotels, and free airline tickets!

Credit Card Due Diligence - Things to watch out for and avoid, as well as risks to using credit cards to finance real estate deals.



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