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Wholesale Real Estate (Flipping Houses)

To put a property under contract with the intention of reselling it quickly for a profit, either by buying it and then reselling it, or by assigning the purchase contract for a fee.

Real Estate Wholesale Overview

In a wholesale, someone buys or puts under contract a property with the sole desire to sell the property, or the interest of the property, without doing any improvements or updates.

Pros of Real Estate Wholesale:

  • Very limited amount of cash needed to get started
  • Very limited exposure
  • Ability to make quick cash fast
  • No tenant issues or concerns
  • No contractor issues
  • Great entry into real estate
  • No credit needed

Cons of Real Estate Wholesale:

  • Provides fewer tax benefits than other investment types
  • Generally smaller amounts of cash made on each transaction
  • No long-term wealth building residual ability

Marketing Advice of Real Estate Wholesale:

  • Look at online bulletins and newspapers for distressed sellers.
  • Bandit signs in high investor activity areas.
  • Post-it Notes, direct mail, postcards in high investor activity areas as well.
  • Internet e.g. Pay-per-click, etc.


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Wholesale Real Estate Books

The New Path to Real Estate Wealth: Earning Without Owning by Chantal Howell Carey & Bill Carey The New Path to Real Estate Wealth: Earning Without Owning by Chantal Howell Carey & Bill Carey

This book reveals the ultimate real estate investment secret: you don't have to actually buy or own real estate in order to profit from it. Those who control the paperwork of real estate—the contracts, mortgages, and deeds—make money without having to own anything. This book reveals the simple ways anyone can flip properties or contracts without ever taking title to the property.

How to Be a Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire How to Be a Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire

Nationally renowned real estate expert Ron LeGrand has developed a method of buying real estate to generate cash that he calls "quick turning". He helps readers understand which type of transaction is appropriate for their specific cash flow goals, and he reveals how-to secrets that real estate investors, and wannabe investors, can use.

The Real Estate Fast Track by David Finkel The Real Estate Fast Track by David Finkel

Author David Finkel offers step-by-step guidance on building a real estate business that lets you earn more while you work less! You'll master all five of the core skills of the world's wealthiest investors and learn the advanced secrets that have helped Finkel's students and clients buy and sell over $1 billion of real estate, much of it without cash or credit. You'll build your real estate business until you can relax and watch the money flow in.

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Wholesaling for Big Bucks

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Whole Sale Real Estate Resources

Constant Contact Newsletters Constant Contact Newsletters

Description: Constant Contact is the leading web-based email marketing service. Perfect for updating clients and for utilizing your buyers list. Get it FREE!

Automated Response System Automated Response System

Description: By far the easiest way for you to screen unwanted calls as well as make sure you do not miss any of the good ones. Free set up with referral code "BALLER"! Automate your business with a 24 Hour Recorded Message.

Marketing Signs Marketing Signs

Description: Get noticed! Bandit signs are a great way to start your business and create calls instantly. Be sure to watch our sign videos for all the insider tips.

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