Rehab investing

Real Estate Rehabbing (Fixer Uppers)

Acquiring a property and restoring it to an aesthetically pleasing dwelling that has reclaimed it's functional utility. Typically the property is then resold to another investor or to an owner-occupant. Sometimes the property is kept by the rehabber after being rehabbed, and is rented out for passive income and appreciation.

Real Estate Rehab Overview

A home is acquired with considerable equity but needs improvements in order for a retail buyer to purchase it. The improvements are made and then marketed and sold to a retail buyer.

Pros of Real Estate Rehab:

  • Ability to make large chunks of cash if done properly
  • No tenant issues
  • Major roles in the process are able to be contracted out to others

Cons of Real Estate Rehab:

  • Managing contractors can be difficult if not educated properly
  • Exposure to risk is higher due to usually having to finance the property and/or put money down
  • Many feel forced to rehab the property themselves, which takes them out of finding, locking up, and closing on other deals
  • Credit is pulled on all loan applications for regular financing, and for most hard money as well. Although with hard money lenders credit is not as much an issue, they usually still want to see strong finances.
  • Unforeseen costs and delays can cut profits
  • Longer time between start to finish due to rehabbing and marketing time

Marketing Advice of Real Estate Rehab:

  • Find several wholesalers who can regularly provide quality deals.
  • Look at online bulletins and newspapers for distressed sellers.
  • Bandit signs in high investor activity areas.
  • Post-it Notes, direct mail, postcards in high investor activity areas as well.
  • Realtors who know investing can be a powerful resource and can provide potential deals through MLS (Multiple Listing Service).



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Rehab Real Estate Books

FLIP: How to Find, Fix, and Sell Houses for Profit


It is without question the new "bible" on flipping houses! What makes this book stand out is the logical way in which the authors divide all aspects of real estate investing. They have experience, they have the data, and they present it well. It will make you think about your real estate business in a smarter way, and ultimately profit more.

Flipping Confidential: The Secrets of Renovating Property for Profit In Any Market

Real Estate books usually fall into one of two categories: The ones that inform, and the ones that entertain. This one does both. In Flipping Confidential, Kirsten walks you through each step of the buy-renovate-sell process, using real numbers and concrete examples that make the information easy to understand.

Trump University Real Estate 101

Unlike other real estate guides, Trump University's Real Estate 101 doesn't just concentrate on a particular niche-like fixing and flipping or foreclosure investing-nor does it offer a simplistic overview of investing basics. Instead, this guide offers a complete range of wealth-building ideas, helps investors adapt their tactics to different areas or market conditions, and prepares them to earn a lifetime of extra income based on real estate.

Rehab Real Estate Videos

Rehab College 101 - Day 1

Rehabbing for Fun and Profit part 1

Rehab Real Estate Resources - Contractors

Description: Find the right contractor at the right price! Free and easy search allows you to get competing quotes from qualified contractors in your area.

Business Capital

Description: Every deal needs financing. Perfect for rehabbers, this is the most reliable source for business loans in the nation.

Marketing Signs Inspectors

Description: Large free registry of licensed inspectors and helpful inspection tips. Have a pro make sure there are no hidden surprises to ruin your deal.

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