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Investing Strategies

"Just follow the instructions to be a successful real estate investor."

Everyone needs to have a game plan to focus their efforts and increase their chances of success. These real estate investment strategies are tried and true methods for achieving success in real estate investing, and will help you find a path that suits you. Get started now with a free membership!

Investor strategies for your business

Here's what a proper investing strategy can do for your business:

  • Help you quickly achieve success
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Focus on doing more deals
  • Concentrate on a niche you enjoy
  • Keep risks low and profits high

The most successful real estate investing strategies...

Short Sales - As more houses fall into foreclosure, this is one of the fastest growing niches. Little to no cash is required to profit from helping distressed sellers and banks negotiate a win-win deal.

Rehab - Great opportunities abound for the rehabber in any market. Whether you do it yourself or use contractors, if done correctly large profits can be had in relatively short amounts of time.

Buy and Hold - The classic strategy for long-term wealth building. Get a good team in place and you can avoid all the potential headaches of being a landlord and focus solely on building wealth.

Wholesale - One of the best ways to first enter into real estate investing. This strategy has very limited risk, while still allowing you to make a good living.

Subject To - Taking over a property with existing financing is great for the investor who has little or no cash. Good deals are fewer in this niche, but the tax benefits and long-term wealth building aspects make it well worth doing.

Commercial - The bigger the deal, the bigger the profit potential. Commercial real estate offers great long-term wealth building potential at an accelerated pace due to the larger size of the deals.

"Why don't you try using a better strategy?"


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