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"Having the right real estate investing resource

will make you, not having it will break you."

All real estate investors need to have the best investing resources at their fingertips. At Real Estate Investor finding the right real estate investment resources for all of your investing needs is only a click away. Most of the features in the Briefcase are open to all users, the free real estate contracts require a free membership and the real estate business plans require a pro-membership. You won't find a larger selection of real estate investment resources anywhere else!!

Real Estate Investing Resources

The Briefcase helps you put together more deals:

  • Find investment financing
  • Outsource your busy work
  • Employ the ideal legal form
  • Save time searching around
  • Learn industry terminology
  • Focus on building your business

Here are the real estate investing resources you will find inside the Briefcase...

(The free real estate contracts and real estate business plans are members only.)

Real Estate Directory – Our staff took the time to choose the best company for every type of real estate investment resource real estate investors need. Our list includes financing options, credit services, legal resources and much more.

Free Real Estate Contracts – Real Estate Investor has the most complete list of free real estate contracts anywhere. The list includes real estate agreements needed by all types of real estate investors such as landlords, wholesalers, and short sale investors.

State and County Resources - Links to help you out with real estate investing at the local level. These resources will help you get the info you need on a property, find more deals, and be able to be one step ahead of the competition.

National Associations - A list of the links to the most important associations for real estate investors to have. Find the reputable professionals to complete your real estate investing team.

Real Estate Dictionary - Our real estate investing glossary is the most complete list of real estate terms online. Use our real estate investing dictionary to learn the language of the real estate industry or as a reference for your real estate investments.

Short Sale Negotiation Service – Foreclosure rates are rising, making investments in pre-foreclosure properties more and more appealing. Our service does 100% of the most difficult part of the process for investors; the short sale debt negotiation, while you get the profits!

Why not make our wealth of resources your own?


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