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Posted By: johncadet on 08/25/2013

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the grand launch of is the only online social networking platform designed for Real Estate Investors to post their wholesales deals for FREE.  This new site will give you a higher chance of communicating with many potential investors directly.  This is a golden opportunity that you should not miss!

Why should you post on this site?

Ø  It is FREE to post unlimited property deals

Ø  The site allows wholesalers to sell their deals to rehabbers, nationwide.

Ø  It is possible to import your rehabber’s database to enable rehabbers get invitation to view your deals.

Ø  The site being a social network enables you to build reputation as a leading wholesaler in the area.

Ø  Easy way to build your Buyers List

Ø  Create a FREE Social Networking Profile Geared Towards Real Estate Investors

Ø  Post information, photographs and videos of your houses effortlessly


Ø  Access insider tricks, secrets and techniques to your most troubling home repair questions


Ø  Discover profitable deals on homes in your area


Ø  Connect with local investors and start an online community


Ø  Have access to reviewed home repair contractors and companies in your area and much more!

It is my sincere wish that you will find time to fully utilize this site that is ABSOLUTELY FREE to join. I look forward to getting a positive feedback from you.

Thanking you in advance,

John Cadet.

[url=]House Deal Network[/url]

Posted By: ReiFreeClassifieds on 09/11/2012

Have you seen us yet?

We wanted to stop by and introduce ourselves.  We're REI Free Classifieds, a new online classifieds specializing in Investment Property, Commercial Property, Contractor Services and virtually every industry-related support and professional service.  We'd love to have you.


The REI Team

REI Free Classifieds



Posted By: Jacobi1006 on 08/15/2011



Posted By: dotjoh on 08/15/2011

Im Ready,


Posted By: MyHouseBidder on 02/13/2011 is accepting real estate for sale. This is FREE for sellers to list and sell their home. If you have a house or other real estate for sale, and would like to be a part of a very exciting and fast paced online acution experience.... visit right now.


Posted By: gwaynecooper on 01/13/2010

Hi Preston, your long lost affiliate here. I was so poor, you just gave me (free ebook) to become a wholesaler. I'm still dirt poor cause I had that car wreck. I ran across some luxury homes, I'm talking 5m up. In one house your cut 1 to 2 m. Is this something your interested in Dallas? Or is it out of range? Gary Cooper at 1-214-596-9439. There is a grooming process that could be done to work this market. I supposed these house's are no different than homes on the beach of FL. I was going to put bandet signs & I did join a meet-up group here so I could find the landlords in this area. But I don't have a car. Remember I totaled it! I did take some  TrumpU courses will Being at home for so long. call or email  If you call you have to blert in there it's Preston or I might not answer the phone. Damn bill collectors! No big dill. I know one short sale on a lulury home could enable me to get the REL tools. I'm saving up for a LLC & Colins 1-800-house. Later!

G Wayne Cooper author & real estate investing with running is his passions. Loves to network with friends & new associates around the globe.

Posted By: THE WHOLESALE WARRIOR on 11/07/2009

Pre$ton, the warrior king of wholesaling! I jut immersed myself in 4 hours of recorded webinars with you and Jim Fleck (whoa that dude has so many cool eccentric tips!),Tim Mai and Greg Cohen, Mike Collins to name a few from the mini mentoring website...I don't even turn on the boob tube anymore, I turn on the boob internet tube and login to your VIP site to network....thanks for the awesome resources buddy! G-d Bless! Bill B(wholesale warrior in the making ;) )

*If you cannot find a way to structure the first deal , scrap it ...OR....if you are a man...MAKE it happen*! You have every resourse available to bring every dream to fruition, you, you just need to get off your lazy BUTT and be creative!...Deals come and go like buses...flip through the deck of card deals quickly and sift the good from the bad...this is a numbers game! don't be afraid to let deals go...but become smart enough to be acutely aware of the fine deals!
Steve Greenwood

Posted By: Steve Greenwood on 08/31/2009

Hi Preston,

Thanks for all the primo info you put out for us!!

Great webinar w/ Jeff Adams the other night...

with the exception of ME not winning the laptop.

No, I'm not whining; well maybe just a bit.

Can you add me as a contact?



Capital Legions Investment Group

Posted By: Capital Legions Investment Group on 08/30/2009

Hey!  New site I came across that I thought you might be interested in as a real estate investor.  You should go by and check it out.  It's  The name says it all! lol....

M.J. Glover
Chief Operating Officer
Capital Legions Investment Group
Phone: 888-636-0335
Direct Line: 501-618-5252
Fax: 870-277-4338

Posted By: InTheZone on 08/22/2009

Hey Preston,

You are all over the place.  Got the contact request on facebook.  I'm rarely ever out there.  I look forward to networking with you.  If you know of anyone looking to do some business in the Vegas market.  Let me know. 

Take Care & talk to you soon.


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