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"In real estate investing the size of your

real estate investment network is

equal to the size of your bank account."

Look around and you will notice an amazing coincidence. Those people who are doing deals and making money investing in real estate have large networks of business contacts. In this market if you are not making connections with real estate investors on a daily basis then you are completely missing the boat.

Real Estate Investors Networking

Build your network on REI to include:

  • Wholesale Sellers
  • Contractors
  • Investment Realtors
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Rehab Buyers
  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Home Stagers
  • Many More

Real Estate Investor enables you to get connected in the following ways...

(Some of which require a free membership)

Real Estate Investing Forums – The Real Estate Investor forums are hands down, the best in the industry. The forums are ideal for asking questions about specific deals or situations. They are also a great opportunity to show off your real estate knowledge and meet new real estate investors.

REI Community Leader Board – Real Estate Investor  is unique in that most content is created by members of the website community. As you contribute, you earn points, which then raise your ranking and help you gain exposure.

Search Real Estate Investor Members – Our unique search design makes it easy for you to find real estate investors and anyone you are looking for on the site by using a wide range of criteria. Search for real estate investors with similar interests in markets nationwide.

Real Estate Investment Groups – Join online real estate groups that share similar interests and have discussions, share photos and chat. Real Estate Investor Groups include regional real estate investors, niche investing groups and about any other type of real estate investors you can imagine.

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So why would I want to network with other investors?

Learn the inside tricks from real estate investors in other markets that those in your local market may not normally want to share.
Thanks to the power of the internet, real estate investors are able to do deals anywhere, making networking nationwide crucial.
Learn from other investors in real time instead of reading real estate investing information from years ago.
Real estate investing can be a lonely business. Real Estate Investor is a community of people that share similar goals and hardships.
Build your network to expand your buyers list, lending sources, property wholesalers and everyone else you need to succeed.

So why are you doing it alone?