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Complete Short Sale Package!

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Posted on: 10/03/2009
Posted by: Real Estate Queen
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A Complete,Neat,Organize Short Sale Package is a Must!

If you summit a incomplete package it will be Denied!

If you summit Contracts or documents not signed & Dated it will delay or be in danger of Short Sale to be Denied.

Always be consistant

Always document All Commuications (Date,Time,Who,Conversation)

Upadtes All Parties involve(Realtors,Attorney,Buyer,Selleretc) to avoid miscommuication.

Always Validate your Discount (Repairs list,CMA,Market Analyst,PIC etc)

Always Speak as you know what you are doing.(If you ask a Negotiator a question that you as Investor should know you will leave yourself open for Deniel!)

Make sure to Meet in person or Confirm who the Seller/Owner is!(to avoid Identity Theft)

Just some Pointers!!!