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"Flip This House" - Scam

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Rich_Urban Category: Funny Stories
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Posted on: 05/19/2008
Posted by: Rich_Urban
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Don’t believe everything that you see on TV. Watch these videos that expose Sam Leccima of A&E’s Flip This House. I always watched this show wondering how in the hell they were making any money, doing the things that they were doing. The were Paying Top Dollar - Hiring A Huge "Staff" & Doing Crappy Work...a recipe for disaster!

Part 1

Part 2 (The Follow Up Story)
Current Grade: A+
Category: Funny Stories
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Posted By: gREITzilla on 06/04/2008
I really liked Trademark Properties on the show, but most of the others seem like talentless hacks. I think there is a Web site for folks who detest Montelongo.

Anyone notice that this season, they changed the intro to the show. Now it is implied that there is real money, danger and risk involved. No kidding!
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Posted By:

J.Reyne & Associates©

on 05/19/2008

I have seen his episodes and honestly its the only time where I thought A&E threw a moron on the show for ratings! I just knew there was something about him. At least there is one good thing about it, he's been exposed!

great job for putting it out there!

Brian Lucier
Posted By: Brian Lucier on 05/19/2008
JUST Wonderful! You know, jerks like this make it so much harder for the rest of us to do a good job.

Brian Lucier
Posted By: Jeff_Tumbarello on 05/19/2008
kind of reminds me of some other "local (SWFL) success stories"
moral of this story, if its too good to be true...........