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Countrywide Bank REO Web site

Date: 06/21/2007 / Category: Big Deals , Current Grade A-


Here is the web site for Countrywide Bank for the REO Dept.

"Thank you for visiting When you return to our web
site, scroll to the bottom half of the home page. On the left hand side of
the page you will see "APPLY NOW". Click on that and this will bring
you to the next page. Once again, look to the left hand side of the page
and you will see a vertical row of selections. Click on "FIND A HOME".
This will bring you to a list of sub-selections. Click on "REO". This
will bring you... continue reading >>

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Date: 06/17/2007 / Category: Inspirational , Current Grade B

My Fellow Colleagues,

I wanna wish all the Fathers a Happy Father's Day and I hope you will be spending the day with your loved ones!

For those of you that are not a father, don't forget to call your Dad :)

Not a Tax Consequence to the people

Date: 06/14/2007 / Category: Business Strategies , Current Grade B


When an Investor properly conducts a Short Sale, as an Investor you need to request in writing from the Bank accepting the Short Sale that they will take the lost and will not go after the Homeowner. So the answer to your question "tax consequence to the people "they helped". Is false there is no liability as long as you have the letter to back it up for you the Investor and the homeowner.

I'm not to sure what Attorney you spoke to but it is Not State by State bases because it is up to the bank if... continue reading >>

Golf Community..Anyone interested..check it out...

Date: 06/08/2007 / Category: Business Strategies , Current Grade B
I have a brand new condo 5 min from Universal Studios in a gated golf community.
3 bedrooms ,2 bathrooms, 3rd floor,furnished, stainless appliances, covered parking.

Asking price 299k
Please let me know
Thanks a lot

Foreclosures Up 17% in Third Quarter

Date: 06/07/2007 / Category: Inspirational , Current Grade A


Foreclosures Up 17% in Third Quarter Unemployment, resetting mortgages, and softening housing market to blame for more than 900,000 foreclosures across the country

by Douglas MacMillan

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How Labor Could Fix Detroit
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Immigration: Google Makes Its Case
Where Tech Got Its Start
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After plant closings, job cuts, and an anticlimactic World Series berth, the news only gets worse for... continue reading >>

What Steps Do I Take To Complete a Successful Short Sale?

Date: 06/06/2007 / Category: none , Current Grade B


What Steps Do I Take To Complete a Successful Short Sale?

1. Find a qualified property.

2. Put the deal together with the homeowner.

3. Have the homeowner sign an authorization release form.

4. Fill out sales contract with homeowner for offered amount.

5. Call the Loss Mitigation Department.

6. Request Short Sale Package.

Oh ya Buy the Whole Package through Bob!! He is on my contact list!!!! Great Stuff..


... continue reading >>

Buying at the Foreclosure Auction

Date: 06/06/2007 / Category: Inspirational , Current Grade A+


Buying at the Foreclosure Auction

by Attorney William Bronchick

Perhaps the most well-known method of obtaining foreclosure properties is buying them at the auction. The foreclosure auction is a live bidding process, just as you may have imagined. The auction is typically conducted at a public place, such as a courthouse or even at the property itself. In some states, the county Sheriff or his deputy will conduct the sale. In other states, a referee appointed by the court will conduct the sale. Although the process is slightly different from state to state, the basics idea is the... continue reading >>

Preforeclosures: How Fortunes Are Made

Date: 06/06/2007 / Category: Inspirational , Current Grade A+


Preforeclosures: How Fortunes Are Made

What is preforeclosure? Preforeclosure is the time period from which the bank gives notice of default, once the homeowner is approximately 90 days late in payments, to the time the house sells at auction. Preforeclosure is also the most crucial time in the foreclosure process. It is during this period that you as an investor stand to make the largest profits and can literally make thousands of dollars in months, weeks, days, or even hours!

The key to pre-foreclosure houses is equity. Simply put, equity is the difference between what a house will sell... continue reading >>


Date: 06/01/2007 / Category: Big Deals , Current Grade A

Please check out the web site.. I research and Bank contacted me..You can find some easy good deals....

Have a great weekend!!


Happy Memorial Day

Date: 05/28/2007 / Category: Inspirational , Current Grade A-
Hope all have enjoyed there weekend!!!
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