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Flip this house

Date: 10/16/2007 / Category: Rehabbing Fun , Current Grade A

Check out this link this is really crazy. This gives a bad name for the Real Estate Investors that really do buy and sell.That's why I have been saying you want the house give me the money...You don't want to make this Puerto Rican Scorpion mad!! LOL

Ohio Property for Sale..Rehab,WholeSalr etc.

Date: 05/07/2007 / Category: Rehabbing Fun , Current Grade A-
Am looking to sell this. ASAP!!! Need to sell it for $35,000!!!!!  Great..Great Deal......
Wemple Ave, Cleveland, OH
After Repair Value - $80,000 +
Asking Price - $35,000.00 (firm)
Rehab Costs - $16,500
We are selling this house at below market value including rehab costs.  3 bedroom, 1 bath.  Call me if interested, I can supply more details.  I am offering a $500 finders fee at closing if you find me a buyer that closes for asking price.
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