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Looking For

Investors who want to buy Notes (real estate notes, mobile notes, etc...).

Individuals who want to get Quick Cash for their Notes.

Realtors who have notes or have access to notes and want to earn a referral fee.

My Business

Highly motivated and energetic Note Consultants who are ready to make all of your dreams come true. Servicing ALL Note holders in the United States. Here at Quickcash4Notes we have experienced professionals ready to assist you in the process of buying or selling land contracts, mortgages, deeds of trust, and other sources of payments commonly referred to as "notes."

Selling your notes is our passion and we hold ourselves personally responsible for assisting you with meeting that goal by getting you a large lump sum payment now rather than the smaller monthly payments.

There are a variety of reasons people consider selling their payments for cash:

  • Retirement

  • Taxes

  • Investment opportunities

  • Expensive medical care

  • Vacation or college tuition

  • Unexpected financial changes

  • Peace of mind...being free from the worry of receiving late payments or having to foreclose on the buyer

  • Accounting nightmares, IRS regulations, and paperwork hassles and the list goes on...

Let us help you turn from

CA$H Slow to CA$H Flow!!!


Contact Information

Visit: http://www.cash4cashflows.com/kquick

Call Me....224-538-2054

You will be glad you did !!!

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Have you seen us yet?

We wanted to stop by and introduce ourselves.  We're REI Free Classifieds, a new online classifieds specializing in Investment Property, Commercial Property, Contractor Services and virtually every industry-related support and professional service.  We'd love to have you.


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From: Antwan Stevens


Add me as a contact

My friend invites are full:)


I really enjoy your work

I would like to promote you and your Business

How can I help you TODAY?


Antwan Stevens

From: Master Home Solutions

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Real Estate Investors!!

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Master Home Solutions

From: KatieKate

Hope you weren't in the areas of the massive floods I saw on the news..

Katie from NY

From: bac524
Thanks for adding me. Please feel free to send me a message if I can be of any assistant to you. Please visit my Blogs and pics and leave a grade if you don't mind
From: bewealthy

Hello and welcome,

You will find great value and resources here on this community.  Make good use of it and never be afraid to ask.

Be sure to stop by weekly on my profile to get your weekly dose of inspirational or life changing quotes.  As a treat I write a blog explaining my point of view of this quote or a life experience I have had.  Be sure to grade them when you are done reading them so I can see if I am helping out someone.


From: RiyahsDream12

Hello and Thanks  for the contact request.  I have a standing rule . . . as one of  my contacts, you gotta keep a smile through it all even when we feel like crying   ; - ) .      Welcome to community and wishing you the best along this journey.


Barbara & Riley Lane


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