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Posted By: joy44edward on 09/12/2014

Hello my dear
how are you today
Nice to meet you now,
My name is joy i have a problem please contact me back in my e-mail address and I will give you my picture and further details thanks bye


Posted By: leylo on 05/31/2014

Hello my dear my name is
 Miss Leylo Sheikh
 i saw your profile and
i become intrested in
knowing more about you
please you can contact
me through my email
address i have
something important
to discus with you thanks



Posted By: duvalsewer on 04/12/2014
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Real Estate Queen
Posted By: Real Estate Queen on 11/07/2013

Hi Matt just stopping by to say Hi!!!:)


Posted By: johncadet on 08/23/2013

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Posted By: Ladyblue on 06/11/2013

I am looking for owner finance who will finance a property here in Stockton, Ca. I can refinance the property to pay off the loan. You can contact Brenda at or call me on my cell phone (209)915-1362

Thank You


Posted By: favouris3 on 05/10/2013
Hello my dear how are you. i am Favour. this is very important
please contact me to my email right now; (
thanks god bless you am waiting to hear from you soonest



Posted By: cgoetze00 on 04/03/2013

Hi Matt,

Do you have experience in Subject To's? I'm looking for help in that area.  Thanks.


Posted By: faiththea on 03/13/2013

I saw your profile i became interested,I have business proposal to make more Cash,i will like to disclosed with you.Get back to me for us to discussed about the business is very important here is my private personal email address [ }, for more discussion,waiting for your urgent reply.
Faith Thea.


Posted By: MoneyBags on 09/26/2012

Hi, Matt

I have an investment opportunity that I would love to share with you that guarantees us rental income! I just need help purchasing my first property. So I am looking for investors who are willing to give me a hand up! Please contact me Anita M. Bailey, smile58. Thanks

Anita M. Bailey
Social Entrepreneur & Investor

"Taking Care of Business. Perfecting Change"
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