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Posted By: ReiFreeClassifieds on 11/28/2011


Have you seen the new classifieds?


We wanted to stop by and introduce ourselves.  We're REI Free Classifieds, a brand new online classifieds specifically for real estate investors, investor-friendly agents and REI-related services.  We would love to have your participation and input.



The REI Team

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Master Home Solutions

Posted By: Master Home Solutions on 11/11/2008


Very nice to meet you!  I just wanted to introduce
Myself and wish you the Absolute  BEST in success!
Hopefully we can do some business together sometime
in the future.  View my profile and find out about
a program that is catching on like "Wild Fire" in this
current economic drama. 
NOTE: Just Added
We have Now introduced our Newest Program
that provides YOU with Private Funds to use for
Flipping Short Sale Transactions.  Simply line up
a pre-qualified buyer and OUR Investor
can provide the  "Proof of Funds" AND the
CASH to Buy the short sale from the Bank!!!!!!
Cost of Funds is 1% plus $300 flat fee
 all paid from your profits at closing!
-Buy a home worth $200,000 in a short sale
 for $100,000 and resale for $150,000.
You keep $50,000 minus 1%
 (1,000+$300 flat fee). -

Here's how it works:

Line up a shortsale purchase, use our method to line up a buyer, then use our investor's funds to buy the home and flip it to your buyer. No credit needed on your part since the buyer's note is sold at closing to payoff our private investor.

 This is a No Cash / No Credit transaction for investors!

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Real Estate Investors!!

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