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Richmond, Virginia
Looking to form partnerships with eager investors
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Reason on REI: Investor Networking
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Hey; I reside in the Richmond, VA area, there are a lot of foreclosure properties; here, just wondering, if anying investor would like to form a partnership with me until I bulid portifolio. 

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I also purchase private mortgage notes from seller owner financing. 

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From: MyHouseBidder
03/02/2011 is accepting real estate for sale. This is FREE for sellers to list and sell their home. If you have a house or other real estate for sale, and would like to be a part of a very exciting and fast paced online acution experience.... visit www.MyHouseBidder.comright now. Or just message me back and I'll add your properties for you.


From: REIMillions

Hi Bernard,

I am excited to connect with you. Stay in touch!



Althea Robinson

From: victoria26

Hey, I’m a newbie investor and want to make some new friends and hopefully gain some knowledge. Have any advice about books/sites/programs that you can share?


From: Antwan Stevens

Seek and ye shall find

When I'm not here networking you could catch me over @

If there's anything that I could do to support you and your business feel free to call and or email "ANYTIME"

Just ask for Antwan

               619-280-1240         619-280-1240 Office       

               619-261-1803         619-261-1803 Cell    
Join our online Real Estate Investing Network.Today!!!!!

Antwan Stevens

From: MillionaireCoaching

 Welcome to!

You will find lots of helpful people here and a ton of great information.  If there is anything I can assist you with, please let me know.  I've been an investor for 19 years in all facets of investing, as well as being a Human Performance Coach the past 14 years helping people strategize, and overcome fears and limitations that hold them back from the success that they want.

I've been on this site for a couple of years and genuinely enjoy helping others succeed.  It's my passion!

I do have some gifts for you in the form of some FREE! podcast, and I offer a FREE! coaching session (see my profile page), that I'm sure you'll enjoy.  Also, be sure to sign up for my FREE! Newsletter to receive insider tips and strategies. My way of giving back and helping others who are just starting out get on the right path, as well as helping experienced investors who want to up their mental game, and take their business to the next level.

Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to drop me a note.

Hope you enjoy the site.



From: Master Home Solutions

Hello there!

Very nice to meet you!  I wanted to stop by and say "Welcome!" and I hope you find exactly what you are looking for within this community of great individuals!  I wish you the best of success in all that you do!  Your presence here will create a great deal of "Value"!

Drop by my profile and say "Hello!"

Erin Dykstra/Ensley -


Real Estate Investors!!

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Master Home Solutions

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