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Sherry Watson
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Dear Grant Seekers
Here is a look at where Grant Money has taken me:

v  Special Advisor to President Bush


v  Advisor to the United States Congress


v  Governor Appointee to Commission on Disability


v  Develop Public Policy at the Federal and State Level


v  Work with State Legislatures throughout the United States to Develop Funding



v  Hollywood Consultant

With nearly 25 years experience in getting Grant Money, I have helped Real Estate Investors, Small Businesses, Large Corporations and 501(c) (3) Corporations get Grant Money.  I built my most recent 501 (c) (3) business into a multi-million dollar corporation with Grant Money.

Recently I unveiled a step-by-step system that teaches others how to get Grant Money.  I now have students all over the country using the same proven techniques.  

Finally, on July 12, 2008 I will launch to give you my step-by-step system and all of my resources.  This site is guaranteed to put you on the fast track and get you the Grant Money you need and deserve. 



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Category: Business Strategies
Written: 07/21/2008
Category: Business Strategies
Written: 06/17/2008
How I Started...
Over 25 years ago I was newly married with two small baby boys living the American Dream. I was a mom, a wife, a concert pianist ...and in a single instant I lost control of my life and destiny.

On a cold December day I was in a severe accident that nearly took my life. I crashed an ATV three wheeler fracturing my skull. I was pronounced dead.  The ambulance personnel that picked me up continued to do life support and even shocked me several times to restart my heart. My husband was riding up front with one of the firemen who had to drive the ambulance. Both of the paramedics were in back frantically working on me. As my husband continued watching through the back window the fireman turned off the sirens and the emergency flashers and resumed a normal speed to the hospital.

I survived the accident after being pronounced dead, but I sustained a traumatic brain injury that left me in a coma for a month. My skull was fractured; I had numerous internal injuries and broken bones in my face. The entire right side of my body was paralyzed, and to keep me alive a respirator machine breathed for me as I drifted in and out of consciousness.   

Doctors gave my family almost no hope for recovery. They didn’t even think I would survive the emergency room much less the Intensive Care Unit.  If I did survive I would never be able to function normally. Ha!! Not only did I survive and fight to regain my life, I also defied the odds and went on to have two more children, earn my college degree and become President of a national organization for people with disabilities.

It was through this experience that I learned to “Let Go of Fear” and “Never Give Up

It was through this tragic accident that led me to find my purpose and true calling in life. It started nearly 25 years ago when I received FREE Grant Money before I even knew what a grant really was! I had discovered how to design programs using FREE Grant Money that changed people’s lives in a powerful way and allowed me and my family to enjoy a lucrative lifestyle.

I am currently utilizing my 25 years experience to teach people like you how to get FREE Grant Money, benefit yourself financially, so YOU can get paid to live YOUR passion.  At the same time are providing a tremendously positive solution in your community. 

Whether it is providing affordable, accessible housing, assisting those caught in this foreclosure tsunami, modifying homes for our elders, teaching  youth entrepreneurial skills, providing services to our veterans, bringing renewable energy solutions forward, and more, that is what FREE Grant Money is all about. The success stories and testimonials are much bigger than the amount of FREE Grant Money you'll receive, it’s also helping people find their purpose in life and turning their dreams into reality.

"I will teach you to do well by doing good!"

Sherry Watson

My Business
The POWER of GRANT MONEY is a seminar training and consultation company that teaches you how to use the 501 (c) (3) Corporate business structure and FREE Grant Money to grow your business and/or fund your projects.

I started the POWER of GRANT MONEY two years ago at the recommendation of some of the biggest real estate seminar gurus in the business. I have 25 years of experience in developing 501 (c) (3) Corporations from the ground up, working in Washington DC, changing national and state policy and developing programs all over the country with millions and millions of dollars in FREE Grant Money.

I have pulled back the magic curtain and unveiled my step-by-step system that you can easily learn and use to build your multi-million dollar business, as I did. Folks, I not only talk the talk but I walk the walk.  At our training events I hand out actual grants that I was awarded. I show you how I assembled each part and why my proposal was chosen over all the others.

I now teach people all over the country how to use FREE Grant Money and the 501 (c) (3) Corporate business structure to expand an existing business or start a new project.

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Brian Lucier
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Have you seen us yet?

We wanted to stop by and introduce ourselves.  We're REI Free Classifieds, a new online classifieds specializing in Investment Property, Commercial Property, Contractor Services and virtually every industry-related support and professional service.  We'd love to have you.


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From: Hmong Real Estate Heroine

Hi Sherry,

I would like to talk to you ore about the grant infomraiton. I've heard a little but don't know much about it. So if you email me some information at That would be super and can help me.


Hmong Real Estate Heroine

From: SDhomeboy

Dear Sherry:

Thank you.  I saw your wonderful presentation in San Diego and know that you are the one to connect me to this valuable knowledge.  I have a HUGE idea and would like very much to attend your workshop in LA, but I am a little over-extended (not your problem).  What I wanted to ask you is this:  If I already have a 501(c)3 organization registered with the US Dept. of the Treasury as a Publicly Funded Foundation, is there part of the workshop I can miss and attend at an adjusted price point?  I intend to use this tax exempt entity to put together a network to help solve the mortgage meltdown, community by community.  I know if I can get the funding, and structure it correctly, we can build a model that can be replicated elswhere to eventually have a profound impact and help countless Americans.  I would love to tell you more about my idea. 

Please advise,



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From: RealEstateInvestor
Welcome Sherry, glad you are here with us!  I look forward to learning more about your business and education offerings that you teach others about.  I wish you continued success in your business.

Best of success,

From: CreativeGuy
Well I finally found you, You had a webinar with Tim Mai and I had to go on an emergency with my family so I had missed your webinar . I am so glad you have signed in here so we can finally meet. I have heard so much about you and started to write a business plan and want you to look it over so I can get my goals in place with you to help me if possible. My goal in my company I have started is to take older REO homes and make them into energy efficient homes and update them to the 20th century and keep them at market value for first time buyers lower income or even middle class that are looking to invest in a home and live in comfort instead of giving away there money to the energy companies. We need to talk ASAP. I am so glad to find you it feels like my goals are finally going to be meet. So if you have time you can reach me here or at the name of my company is Creative Investments REI LLC Please get in contact with me, look forward to talking with you I have more to tell you about my knowledge in construction and real estate investing.

Thanks Ed the CreativeGuy     
From: Brian Lucier
Hi Sherry,

Welcome to the Real Estate community. Please accept my invitation to become connections. When you have a moment, fill out your profile to attract the people and resources you are interested in. Looking forward to finding out more about you.

THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST REI web site I've found! You will find blogs for everyone from beginner to serious investors! It is so easy to customize your profile, make connections, edit content, you’re your own groups, add your own blogs, and build your RE network.

I have also created all for all of the users of this site FREE buttons to create SEO for this site. Just visit my profile and grab all the buttons you want and put them on your site linking back to Looking forward to your future success.

Brian Lucier
Brian Lucier
From: JohnBoy
Welcome to the REI community.  Whether you are new to investing or an old pro, there is something useful for everyone here.  So jump in and get involved.  Glad you're here.

From: Colin

Great to hear from you! It was great to meet you and the fam! You are all as genuine as the come plus a blast to hang out with!

To everybody who is checking out this profile, Sherry is the REAL DEAL and can help anyone be able to realize the POWER of GRANT Money! Check out her site and learn more!
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