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Don't Waste Your Money!!!

Date: 10/03/2007 / Category: Rehabbing Fun , Current Grade A+


Four Renovations That Won't
Get You a Higher Selling Price

By Marshall Loeb
From MarketWatch

These are tough times for home sellers. If you're one of them, it can be tempting to launch into a series of home renovations to make your home more desirable.

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But be discerning about your choices -- certain renovations can actually decrease the value of your home. Money magazine suggests avoiding these four renovations at all costs:

1. A swimming... continue reading >>

Seeking Partner

Date: 09/28/2007 / Category: Rehabbing Fun , Current Grade A


Have been presented with a nice deal : 4 - Unit bldg / 2-bds ea unit / 2580 yrly tax / rents in the area for apt are (400-500) month. Have taken a casual walk through of the bldg. I would assume from what I was able to make out about (30k) in rehab. Can purchace the bldg for 17.9k am preparing offer 12.5k.

Any interested parties that wanna vetnure this one together? Not a quick flip, although very possible, I am thinking (2) maybe (3) year hold of a... continue reading >>


Date: 09/12/2007 / Category: Rehabbing Fun , Current Grade A


Article Details -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bleach and Mold Author Date 11/3/2005 Article #5 Bleach and Mold WARNING: DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH TO CLEAN UP OR KILL MOLD Do NOT use Chlorine bleach to kill mold or disinfect moldy areas. It is not an effective or long lasting killer of mold and mold spores. Bleach is good only for changing the color of the mold and watering the roots of the mold. CHLORINE BLEACH IS INEFFECTIVE IN KILLING MOLD FOR THESE REASONS: 1) Chlorine Bleach DOES NOT kill mold, it BLEACHES it " meaning that it takes away the color... continue reading >>
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