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Another Day In the Office

Date: 04/06/2008 / Category: Funny Stories , Current Grade B-


Banks Love HUD's Alphonso Jackson
Jackson Loves Jackson

HUD is the home of FIXED GOVERNMENT PRICING for property preservation tasks. A HUD lock change pays $40. That includes the price of the lock and a 20% cut to a middleman field services firm. The banks love the FIXED GOVERNMENT PRICING. It cuts their costs. The banks love Jackson.

Alphonso Jackson also loves Alphonso Jackson. He has created an “I Love Me Wall” at HUD’s Washington, DC headquarters. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Alphonso Jackson has decided to honor himself with giant photo exhibitions in two of... continue reading >>


Date: 03/28/2008 / Category: Funny Stories , Current Grade B+


Ever since the beginning of time, ambitious people of the world
have attributed some "indescribable secret" to the success of
those people with wealth. These people have spent, and will
continue to spend, millions of dollars to cultivate these
"secrets" within themselves.

Particularly since the early seventies, there has been a growing
demand by the public to attend classes, workshops, and
self-improvement seminars that will enable them to align their
thinking as well as their actions, with those of people who have
already achieved success.

The popularity of such best-selling how-to books as WINNING IS
BELIEVING...THINK AND GROW RICH...HOW TO... continue reading >>

Congress and "JUNK FOOD"

Date: 12/03/2007 / Category: Funny Stories , Current Grade A-


I was watching the morning local news an noted extensive coverage on an issue that appears to be a major threat to our country "JUNK FOOD!" Yep!, you read right "JUNK FOOD!" Law makers are sending a bill to Congress in order that they might pass law banning "JUNK FOOD" in school lunch rooms.

While I am in agreement that are children need to be more health conscious....I don't think that we need Congress to pass a "LAW" banning "JUNK FOOD" from school lunch-rooms. **hint** That's what parents are for .

... continue reading >>

They Want me 2 be a Realtor!!!

Date: 10/08/2007 / Category: Funny Stories , Current Grade A+


Here's a good one... my wife and I were assisting a very good friend who just happen to be looking for an investment property. The property we found was listed with a realtor (Caldwell Realty), and I had no contacts with "Caldwell Realty" as least not yet....

Anyways...long story short - Helping a friend with a property in which he eventually made a cash purchase. The Company in which it was listed with was so impressed with my wife and I - considering we are "Creative Real Estate Investors" that the owner... continue reading >>

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