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Using Other Peoples Money

Date: 09/22/2007 / Category: Finance and Credit , Current Grade A


Part # 1

The Basic of Using Other People's Money

Other than your own pockets, where do you go for business financing? Trends in the popularity of different types of financing vary from season to season, but the sources all fall into two categories: Debt & Equity. The following summary covers a few of these sources along with the respective criteria.

Banks: Short or long term, secured or unsecured, bank loans are the traditional form of financing for all types of business needs. Banks typically make lending decisions based upon a company's operating history and potential cash... continue reading >>


Date: 09/18/2007 / Category: Finance and Credit , Current Grade A+


Stocks Soar After Half-Point Rate Cut
Tuesday September 18, 6:50 pm ET
By Madlen Read, AP Business Writer Stocks Soar After Fed's Bigger-Than-Expected Half-Point Cut in Interest Rates

NEW YORK (AP) -- A jubilant Wall Street barreled higher Tuesday after the Federal Reserve cut its benchmark interest rate by a larger-than-expected half percentage point. The Dow Jones industrial average reacted by surging 335 points -- its biggest one-day point jump in nearly five years.

Although some investors hoped for... continue reading >>

Things that make you go Hummm!

Date: 09/07/2007 / Category: Finance and Credit , Current Grade A+



How Policy Makers
Use Number Analyses
To Turn Our Heads
September 7, 2007; Page B1

Most of us go about our daily lives without having to handle sums in the billions and trillions. So when advocates, politicians or business leaders want to get a rise from us over, say, wasteful spending, they have to figure out how to get us to understand what their studies have uncovered -- and to see it their way.

These days, one of the numbers we hear most often in... continue reading >>

News of the Day

Date: 09/07/2007 / Category: Finance and Credit , Current Grade A+


Congress Launches Proposals
In Wake of Subprime Mess

By James R. Hagerty, Kara Scannell and Sarah Lueck
From The Wall Street Journal Online

Congress returned from vacation with a series of proposals that could reconfigure the mortgage market, suggesting lawmakers are in a mood to make substantial changes in the wake of the summer's subprime mess.

Possible bills in both the House and the Senate would expand homeowner protections to cover more high-cost loans, crack down on prepayment penalties and prohibit brokers from steering borrowers toward more-costly loans. Critics blame such practices for encouraging mortgage brokers and... continue reading >>


Date: 08/13/2007 / Category: Finance and Credit , Current Grade A


For those that have come to know me and my wife know that I take issue with unscrupulous individuals in this industry. We received a call from a company stating that I had received a loan approval for 50k. I posted a bulletin asking for background info on this company made numerous calls and could find nothing on the company until this morning - good cup of coffee article.
Riley & Barbara Lane

Report: USA Lending Center

Category: Loans

USA Lending Center AKA Global Financial Beware of Fraudulent Lending Scams Ripoff... continue reading >>
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