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Does these Numbers make sense?

Date: 08/19/2008 / Category: Need Advice , Current Grade A+


I have a SFR that I have a mortgage deed. I am seeking 90% financing for the future value.

Here's the numbers:

Purchase price 50k - Dwnpaymnt = 5k - loan term (15) yrs. - 9% interest - Loan Amount 45k - P&I 456.41 - Taxes - 47.91 - Hazard Insurance - 9.37 - Mortgage Insurance 19.50 - Total Monthly payment = 535.91

I am interested in... continue reading >>

Are we missing something?

Date: 08/04/2008 / Category: Need Advice , Current Grade A


Are we missing something here? My wife and I have been on this site for well over year and have yet to complete a transaction with any one member of this forum. What are we missing? The few individuals we have spoken with from this site have been novice investors seeking information and late-night guru investors seeking a good cussing or jail sentence. What are we missing? True we have done exceptional well considering our start in this industry; however, as I was discussing this with my wife it became clear that non of the... continue reading >>

What Goes Here?

Date: 02/01/2008 / Category: Need Advice , Current Grade A


My wife and I have taken a review of or network and those individuals we have met, talked with, and assisted in whatever means or method we could. I have a problem with some of you - names not necessary.... You guys call me with your dreams and hopes and some you have called with slickness, game, fallacies, lies or whatever you choose to label the stinks!

I do not mind assisting those who are serious and diligent in their efforts;however, the individual from this forum who took the short-sale lead from my took MONEY from... continue reading >>

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