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Reason on REI: Investor Networking
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     My name is Pete "The Negotiating Ninja" Skouras. I am the Vice President and Co-Owner of Real Freedom Properties Inc., an extremely profitable real estate investing firm based in Tampa, Florida, USA. I am proof that by following a good teacher, investors literally go from nothing to huge profits virtually overnight.

     I run Real Freedom Properties with my partner and good friend Preston Ely (I dare you to Google his name). Running this business, we make "nothing" deals into "something" deals. My Team and I run one of the most well oiled wholesale machines in creation, churning out stellar marketing strategies and getting buyers to sign on the dotted line.

     I am here on Real Estate to network with other Savvy Investors. So add me to your contacts and lets start making some deals!

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From: CashBuyerZone

Hey Guys its Matt From and I NEED PROPERTIES BAD!! My client base has skyrocketed during the past month and I don’t have enough properties to satisfy them. If you have not done it yet, please include us on the top of your buyer list and send me your best deals. Most of our buyers pay cash, so were ready to buy and close within days. Do me a favor though, please only send me deals that are yours and are not 2nd hand. Thanks

Matt D   


From: The Millionaire Mind (Kris Dehnert)

Hey Pete,

       I have a webinar coming up next Thursday with Than Merrill (the guy on flip this house.) Anyway, he sent me some links with free videos, tips, etc... to market with, but I figured I would post them for everyone. This isn't a link to buy something so don't worry about that.

      Check out my page next week if you want details on how to get on Thursdays webinar. Due to the size of the group, Than's going to be giving away some of his home study courses, and a few other things too... Cya!

Here's the link to the videos:

The Millionaire Mind    (Kris Dehnert)

From: JohnCorey

Thanks for connecting and welcome to the site.

If you have any real estate questions I can help with send me an email using the contact page on my blog.

John Corey
From: Master Home Solutions


I am happy to have you as a part of our ever growing network! I look forward to looking further into the services you offer and hopefully we can work together in someway in the future! 

When you have some time, check out our program.   You can use OUR funds to flip Short Sales and REO's.  We will only charge 1% of the loan amount due at closing.  You keep all the rest of your profit! We call it "Funds for a Day" and we will also show you exactly how to Find the Short Sales, how to Structure them, and Close them.  You will not need to use any of your own money to fund the deal, you won't need a hard money lender, and you won't need to use your own credit.  No risk on your part!  Just those huge profits! 

We can also show you how to sell your houses in as little as two weeks for Top Dollar!  I look forward to hearing from you!  Stay in Touch!

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