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Woodbridge, Virginia
United States
"You don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going!" ~Mike Litman
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My name is J.Lamar Ferren and I'm a New Breed Real Estate Investor, residing in the state of Virginia. No matter what the market is like, you'll always find me helping others buy, sell, and invest in real estate. I always try to surround myself with success minded individuals. People who think positive and don't let negativity get in their way.

I typically invest in Real Estate nationwide. While many may not be comfortable with this approach, or approve of it, I've been taught by my Mentors to be an Equal Opportunity Investor that knocks down deals anytime and anywhere!

Overall, I desire to become an individual that empowers others into achieving their goals and dreams, no matter what they are.I constantly seek ways to improve my own interpersonal skills, just to relate with new people and new ideas. I believe by building a strong Network of Like Minded Individuals, I'll be able to help others move forward in their Real Estate/Business Careers and I'll get the same in return.

I'm very passionate about what I do. Therefore I encourages all who have a positive ambition to do better in life, to move forward and make it happen! If you want to know more about me then just sent me a message or leave a comment!

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Investing Since: 2004
Reason on REI: Investor Networking
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If you want access to Creative Real Estate Investing Deals, Tips, Strategies, and much more, then head over to my main website. Make sure to check out the Blog Too!



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The Money Finders, LLC
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From: ReiFreeClassifieds

Have you seen us yet?

We wanted to stop by and introduce ourselves.  We're REI Free Classifieds, a new online classifieds specializing in Investment Property, Commercial Property, Contractor Services and virtually every industry-related support and professional service.  We'd love to have you.


REI Free Classifieds

Commercial Property



From: MyHouseBidder

MyHouseBidder.com is accepting real estate for sale. This is FREE for sellers to list and sell their home. If you have a house or other real estate for sale, and would like to be a part of a very exciting and fast paced online acution experience.... visit www.MyHouseBidder.comright now. Or just message me back and I'll add your properties for you.


From: hardmoneylender

I am new to the REI online and wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

I am a hard money lender based in Maryland. If you have any needs or questions please give me a call.

Basic overview of what we can do:
Residential Investor deals in DC/MD/VA
Commercial deals throughout the Mid-Atlantic
·         Up to 65% LTV of the ARV (including acquisition and rehab costs)
·         Terms from 6 months to 3 years
·         50% LTV on Land
·         Purchase and refinance transactions
·         Quick Closings in as little as 4 days
·         No Pre-Payment Penalty
·         Loans are based on the asset (real estate) more than the borrower

Brian 301-656-6566



From: DemosL


Your quote "You don't have to get it right..." sounds a lot like Mike Collins' comment about marketing. I have his "Confession of a Wholesaler" CD set which says the same thing about marketing wholesale deals.


Demos Loizides

From: Porsche911

  Hi, I am also a real estate investor, if your ever looking to network or for advice please message me anytime! Also, you should join Leadtackle.com ,its free and if your looking to network with local investors, its a great place. G LUCK


From: RealEstateInvestor
J. Lamar,  only a bit over a month here and your already very active here.  It's great to have you here with us.  I love networking with other motivated and positive investors like yourself!

Best of success,

From: Master Home Solutions

Hello there!

Very nice to meet you!  To your success and happiness!

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Real Estate Investors!!

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Master Home Solutions

From: Le
Hi Lamar! Nice to meet you!  I look forward to doing deals with you, too.  What is "new breed"?  I've been seeing that alot.

From: The Money Finders, LLC

Thanks for your company information. The services you offer are of great value to the community and I wish you nothing but the best in your pursuits.

Take a look at Learn Apartment Financing, where we are assisting Investors, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and Commercial property owners with never told information regarding commercial financing and commercial property investing. You won't be sorry you did.

Lastly, we offer Commercial Consulting Services, such as, Underwriting Services for those with current projects to present to their lender for approval. We also offer Lender Referral Services where we will introduce you our lenders for loan submission. Our Lender Placement Service will also place your loan with one of our lenders, if you so desire.

The Money Finders, LLC

From: JohnBoy
Welcome to the REI community.  Whether you are new to investing or an old pro, there is something useful for everyone here.  So jump in and get involved.  Glad you're here.
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