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Posted By: joy44edward on 09/12/2014

Hello my dear
how are you today
Nice to meet you now,
My name is joy i have a problem please contact me back in my e-mail address and I will give you my picture and further details thanks bye


Posted By: leylo on 05/31/2014

Hello my dear my name is
 Miss Leylo Sheikh
 i saw your profile and
i become intrested in
knowing more about you
please you can contact
me through my email
address i have
something important
to discus with you thanks


Posted By: johncadet on 08/24/2013

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Posted By: patrickgregory on 01/11/2013
Hi John, thanks for the shout out. I personally would like to learn how to recieve private money so I can purchase for myself. I'mm alllllll ears.
Patrick Gregory

Posted By: RichMom on 08/05/2012

Hi John,
Thanks for the invitation...Looking forward to learning more from you about wholesaling.


Posted By: Greyes1111 on 07/09/2012
Hey John, Thanks for the warm welcome. Hope to build a relationship real soon

Posted By: sierramurphy on 05/17/2012

Hello John,

Thanks for the welcome. I'm looking foward to reading your work and hopefully I can learn a thing or two from you. I'm a beginner to the wholesaling business, but I'm still interested in working with you.


-Sierra Murphy



Posted By: fhi on 05/15/2012

Hello John,

I've read several of your posts. You seem to be a leader that I could work with.

Please add me to your contact list.

If you are looking for the best and last
"Bird Dog"/"Virtual Assistant" that you
will ever need, please email me.

Looking forward to working with you.



Posted By: Delondon on 11/27/2011
John got anothe video out here it is.

Posted By: Porsche911 on 09/23/2011

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