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Charles Petty
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Stockbridge, Georgia
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Charles is originally from Chicago, IL. He holds a Law Degree from Duke Law School and an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business.  Before becoming a full time real estate investor, Charles worked as a corporate and securities attorney for two Atlanta law firms. Kimberly, his wife, is originally from Louisville, KY.  She holds a Masters of Arts in International Development from the University of Kentucky’s Patterson School of Development and International Commerce. She worked in Marketing for Ericsson, Inc prior to going into real estate full-time.
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From: godi

Hey Charles,my name is Greg new to the Real Estate investing aspect just want to lear as much as I can want to network with you.


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From: hmaloy

Charles and Kim. I missed the weinar tonite. I do not get an email with a phone number or website to go to.I should have got an email today giving me all the info to get on the call....but did'nt. I'm interested in your program(s) but I am getting 3-4-5 emails from you a day. What possibly new could you be telling me everyday? I sat in one of yor webinars and was impressed. But I just can't handle ALL the emails EVERYDAY. I have other things to do besides read emails all day. Please.....if they don't slow down....I will have to unsubscribe myself. Hope you understand. I hope I find Jeff Adams on here to because he is over kill also. Sorry...don't mean to be negative.Saw you on hee and thought I would tell you my thoughts.

Hal Maloy


From: Judson
Charles, Great to meet you in New Orleans. Would love to do some business together. I'm in Jackson, MS. Talk soon

From: mr_ceo1
Looking forward to doing business with you. .

From: bgross
Welcome to you. I hope this site is as helpful to you as it is to me!

From: JohnBoy
Welcome to the REI community.  Whether you are new to investing or a old pro, there is something useful for everyone here.  So jump in and get involved.  Glad you're here.
From: bewealthy
Welcome to our group,
You will find a truck load of good valuable information on this site.  I just realized that you spoke of wholesaling my favorite niche last night... I am glad that you could join the community with the knowledge that you have in this field.
I also have a weekly inspirational and life changing quote that will enlighten your day and can be of great use in your business. I also write a blog on each of these quotes explaining my own experiences or ways you can use it towards your real estate business and in life.  
Other than that, welcome again and visit my profile weekly.
P.S.  I heard you on last nights teleseminar... Wow what a great speech you did.  I even wrote a blog about this or actually putting my two sense in it.  Read it and let me know if I can improve.
P.P.S  I always consider myself a novice when going against someone that has more tenure than I do and always try to buy what they have to offer so I can expand my own knowledge.
P.P.P.S.  I was unfortuately unable to get your product when clicking on the order link from here: need some help

From: Colin
Welcome Charles!

Look forwarding to hanging out in New Orleans!

Heard you have some good things going on!

Let me know what you think of the site. Have a great one.

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